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Quartett Hand webseite kl

The second updated edition is now available 😀

Exclusive: Swiss paragliding sites playing cards.

Every card introduces a Swiss paragliding site and thus invites you to discover new places or just to shorten your next parawaiting. The playing cards are  suitable for classical Jassen and Skat, but also for quartett and other variants. On the picture you can see what the card sets look like in reality.

QR codes and site information

On each of the cards there is also a QR code, which leads directly to a page with further information and links to the respective paragliding site. Like for example the club, the SHV info board, the cablecar or the weather station. In short: everything you need to plan an trip to the site, even if you don't know it yet.


The playing cards have been professionally printed on playing card board (87 x 56mm with rounded corners) and are packed in a beautiful and practical box.


A playing card set in its box costs 18 CHF
Orders can be made via our online form or simply by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Pictures say more than words

  • Box_2021.VBox_2021.V
  • Quartett_KomplettQuartett_Komplett
  • Quartett_HerzSerieQuartett_HerzSerie
  • Box_2021.BBox_2021.B

  • Quartett_Web_AlleQuartett_Web_Alle
  • Quartett_WebUetlibergQuartett_WebUetliberg

Über uns | About us

fäderliecht gibt es seit 2017. Wir machen Klamotten, Flugbücher und Kalender für Gleitschirmflieger*innen.

fäderliecht started in 2017. We aim create clothes, a flight logbook and calendars for paraglider pilots.

fäderliecht existe depuis 2017. On crée des shirts, un calendrier et un livre de vols pour les parapentistes.