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Kaufe je 1 Kalender und 1 Flugbuch zusammen zum Sonderpreis von 15 CHF/EUR inklusive Versandkosten. Schick uns einfach ein Email an team@faederliecht.net


What's new from fäderliecht?


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NEW: Flight logbook from fäderliecht

We have something new at fäderliecht: a paragliding logbook which offers more space for personal notes and reflections than ordinary flight logbooks.

We like to keep track of our flight experiences in the old-school way, that is in an analog logbook filled out manually after each flight. That way, it's much easier to keep an overview on one's flights and one can add personal notes. The logbooks that we know, however, don't offer too much space for ntoes and we wanted to make some other things differently, as well.

That's why we have designed and printed our own logbook that we now also offer on sale.

Click here for more information on the logbook and to order it.

Another two newbies

We have another two newbies to our T-Shirt-Shop. Like all motives they can be printed on all shirts, tops, hoodies and in different sizes and positions.

 GliderLogo-hoodie.png  Handbaum-grShirt.png

Read our howto design your own shirt


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Follow us on instagram

fäderliecht has now an instagram account! We combine our motives for t-shirts with beautiful pictures from paragliding and let reality and fiction blend into new pictures – for paragliders and other dreamers.


Design your own Shirt

All of our T-shirts, hoodies, longsleeves etc can be easily customized according to your preferences!

With a few simple clicks, you can design your own fäderliecht-shirt according to what you want it to look like. Change the design, its size, the colour of the shirt etc. Go try it out, it's as simple as flying.

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fäderliecht.net gibt es seit 2017. Wir möchten Motive für Gleitschirmflieger und andere Träumer machen.

fäderliecht.net started in 2017. We aim at creating clothes for paraglider and other dreamers.

fäderliecht.net existe depuis 2017. On crée des shirts pour les parapentistes et d'autres rêveurs

email team@faederliecht.net

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