Design your own Shirt

All of our T-shirts, hoodies, longsleeves etc can be easily ustomized according to your preferences!

The image below shows how to do it by following only a few simple steps.
1. Open the T-Shirt-Designer in our [>] shop
2. Chose a product
3. Chose a design
4. Place the design, change its size
5. Chose the color of your shirt

fdl eigenes shirt gestalten4

--> T-Shirt-Designer

Über uns | About us | A propos

fä gibt es seit 2017. Wir möchten Motive für Gleitschirmflieger und andere Träumer machen.

fä started in 2017. We aim at creating clothes for paraglider and other dreamers.

fä existe depuis 2017. On crée des shirts pour les parapentistes et d'autres rêveurs


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